About Us


Newmarket Skylights provides the best service and quality. We have the best skylight products and brands, from traditional skylights to Tubular Skylights. 

We install and repair all skylights, Sun Tunnels and Solar Tubes. There is only one way for you to see why we are the company for you. Give us a Call, and You’ll See For Yourself!

Why choose us

 A skylight company is more like a fine restaurant than fast food joint. At a restaurant, you sit down, figure out what you want and then order. Your food is then made, so you have to wait until it’s ready, and you always taste how the quality is definitely worth the wait. We are the same way; you shouldn’t expect to order and get your food immediately. You want the quality, so you have to understand we need the time to deliver that quality. We pride ourselves on doing the best work at the fastest possible pace to maintain our standards and make sure you get exactly what you want.

Have a question? Want pricing?

If you know you want skylights installed but have little knowledge, do not fear, as Skylights of Newmarket is here! We will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision; we will come to your house and talk with you during our Free In-Home Consultation.